Oct 31, 2012

the sea / in brighton

This is the sea. 
with my apricot-coloured jacket.

and some more nice things
(seen in Brighton)

Oct 27, 2012

punk / graphic / design

When was there, I felt like most designs I do and see are so "inhuman",
which means too much computer, so clean and not lively. So lets go back
to human! These thoughts are obviously affected by the work of Mike Mills, 
which I was watching last week. Later on -- more about him.

be some 
music, but
we'll manage
to find 
a quiet
where we
can talk.

(finally, a nice quote from the exhibition) 

Oct 26, 2012

a lot of grey

It's grey. It hasn't been today but the day before yesterday and the day before
and the week before, too. When it is grey, it's not only grey, it is very grey. Surprisingly, it is nice, in a way. (Again, it fits to the whole story: In April 
this year I made the following posters during a workshop in Offenbach. In these 
days, I was preparing my application to come here. And: the workshop leader is 
one of my teachers now. Please continue reading with blog post 48.)

the posters come with a text on their back:
The world is much more than right and wrong, left and right, 
happy and sad, rich and poor, ugly and beautiful, 
high and low, good and bad, empty and full, light and dark, ... 
Discover the in-betweens and be aware of people that tell you the opposide.

Oct 25, 2012

new flatmates

1. Avocado orphanage
2. A guarding dog
3. The hungry frog
4. A sad potato
5. The garlic man.

Oct 24, 2012



This is the first picture I made when I arrived here. 
I don't remember why I made it. Today, I wouldn't 
even notice this sign. The surrounding became normal.
When you are new, you see things in another way. 
I try to remember this view from time to time, this 

Oct 22, 2012

books books bookshops


100 (!)

find a printed 
version of 
the map e.g. at 

pure beauty

most döner kebab
signs are very
abstract here

the leaf

Oct 17, 2012


Where are the people, that make designs like this?
If you see them, tell them that they are doing fine. I like it.
But: I want to meet them to get to know more about how
they decide that a writing pad should exactly look like this.


My friend Alice send me some flowers. 
They make me think of the german autumn
 I will miss this year. And all these other
 autumns of the past and of the future.

Oct 16, 2012


brixton is at this enjoyable stadium of gentrification. it is still authentic
enough to be interesting and already discovered enough to feel save 
and cosy with pizza and latte macchiato. although it feels strange to change
it, while "consuming" it, it is really nice to be there.



Oct 14, 2012

for helena (turkosowy)


Oct 13, 2012

Ping Pong

Thank you, Sebastian Best for making this spontaneous grafic-social-intervention-ping-pong together. Now, our studio seems to be much more cosy and we have spent an evening together with beer, pretzels and a shower of confetti. And, of course TAMPOPO. Besides, it is a good experiences to take things out of public trash bins as I did it with these newspapers. You feel bad and people look at you, although you are doing something good with recycling the stuff. I am going to train that.

riso print on old Metro newspaper


Somehow, Oval Station is different. 
The pronunciation sounds beautiful. 
Sometimes, there is classical music. 
And there is Oval Station thought of the 
day. It is written by different people, 
as the hand script is changing.

Reading List #1

Edited by Sarah de Bondt and Fraser Muggeridge
Occational Papers (click here for more nice books)

7 essays about designing books and about embracing your ideas. We spent some time together last weekend (on a trunk of a tree, in a park, in the sun). One of those books, I want to own, after reading it. Small and handy, full of enjoyable content, designed for reading, something you like to hold in your hands.

Some appetizers: /(...) where does the designer draw the line between engagement with content and pure decoration?(p23)/Ideally, all books start with a question. The clearer the question, the more precise the answer, but this is rarely the case. You have to find out, what the question is. (...) As designers we are as responsible for content
as anyone else. (p85)/Design and content need to go hand in hand, like a perfect 
dance. (...) /Be clear who you are, what you believe in and do not try to be someone
else. Stick to your ideas. Embrace them. However impulsive or intuitive they might be, they are your treasures. Rely on the inner feeling that what you look for will work, that it will be alright. Use your imagination to make the book that does not exist yet. It could be your best book ever.(p89)

Oct 9, 2012


After seeing two children, who were giving their garden apples away
in front of their house and a desk, that needed a new home, this
was the third time I saw this kind of sharing things in my neighborhood.
Besides, Rosemarie is a beautiful name.

Oct 7, 2012

RIO Cinema/ Holy Motors

*watch Holy Motors!

The smell of friendship:

-------------A quince.-------------

One year ago, we had a magic weekend at the countryside with a couple of friends. 
Schulz found a symbol for it: The smell of a quince. It's very gentle, but 
it can fill a whole room. Yesterday, I bought this one and put it on my bed table. 
Thank you so much Schulz for this analogy.

back to big


ASPEN magazine (!)

The magazine in a Box 
Made a mind-broadening discovery in Whitechapel Gallery: ASPEN MAGAZINE.
I strongly recommend you to do some research.

*1965-1971 *10 issues *Art, Design, Music, Film, Theory *in a Box *every issue
designed individually *editorial Freedom *Andy Warhol, David Dalton,
Peter Blake, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Morris,Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Marcel
Duchamp, Roland Barthes, Susan Sontag, Marcel Duchamp, David Hockney,
John Lennon, Lou Reed, Quentin Fiore, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy …


Exibition at Whitechapel Gallery 
11.09.2012 - 03.03.2013

Pat Matthews Gallery (Gallery 4)
First multi -media magazine and became a time capsule of the period.
! watch the video introduction

A portrait of ASPEN, the original magazine in a box. by Emily King 
032C Issue #6 — Winter 2003/2004 / Page No. 82 - 8
Aspen functioned on the principle of family resemblance rather than that of uniformity: there is enough in common between issues for them to be 
understood as part of the same body of work, but each issue is very different
from all the others.
Emily King is a London-based author, curator, and design critic
Reading Time: about 21 minutes.

Overview and digital content of all the issues at UbuWeb
If Aspen was an art director's dream, it was also an advertiser's nightmare.

Oct 5, 2012


english baguette & german umbrella 
In France, you will see as many people 
carrying baguettes with them, as you 
imagine. In London, you should always 
have your umbrella close to you. Really.

Oct 2, 2012


People are consuming as much hummus here as I would expected it in Israel. 
It tastes good with this fresh celery. 
(A beautiful addition to the brown-bulbous-celery-thing that we are used to eat)

Oct 1, 2012


How I feel today.


Not sure, if I am ready to wear Dr Martens again. 
Had some dark red classic boots when I was around 15. 
But as your viewing habits change by seeing things 
frequently, I start liking them again. The re-designed 
edition is quite nice, especially the velvety ones.