Oct 13, 2012

Reading List #1

Edited by Sarah de Bondt and Fraser Muggeridge
Occational Papers (click here for more nice books)

7 essays about designing books and about embracing your ideas. We spent some time together last weekend (on a trunk of a tree, in a park, in the sun). One of those books, I want to own, after reading it. Small and handy, full of enjoyable content, designed for reading, something you like to hold in your hands.

Some appetizers: /(...) where does the designer draw the line between engagement with content and pure decoration?(p23)/Ideally, all books start with a question. The clearer the question, the more precise the answer, but this is rarely the case. You have to find out, what the question is. (...) As designers we are as responsible for content
as anyone else. (p85)/Design and content need to go hand in hand, like a perfect 
dance. (...) /Be clear who you are, what you believe in and do not try to be someone
else. Stick to your ideas. Embrace them. However impulsive or intuitive they might be, they are your treasures. Rely on the inner feeling that what you look for will work, that it will be alright. Use your imagination to make the book that does not exist yet. It could be your best book ever.(p89)