Oct 26, 2012

a lot of grey

It's grey. It hasn't been today but the day before yesterday and the day before
and the week before, too. When it is grey, it's not only grey, it is very grey. Surprisingly, it is nice, in a way. (Again, it fits to the whole story: In April 
this year I made the following posters during a workshop in Offenbach. In these 
days, I was preparing my application to come here. And: the workshop leader is 
one of my teachers now. Please continue reading with blog post 48.)

the posters come with a text on their back:
The world is much more than right and wrong, left and right, 
happy and sad, rich and poor, ugly and beautiful, 
high and low, good and bad, empty and full, light and dark, ... 
Discover the in-betweens and be aware of people that tell you the opposide.