Dec 15, 2012

disappear (3-2-1)

Leaving London for the first time after starting to feel at home. 
Christmas holidays in Offenbach-Eppstein-Hetzhof. Good bye.

Dec 14, 2012

christmas decoration

This tree was one of the first christmas decorations I noticed (in Camberwell). 
I like the way, the house looks–as if it decorated itself as well, although 
it's just the normal lights glowing together with the christmas bulbs. 

Dec 13, 2012

a british colony in peckham


In Peckham, you see mostly caribbean and african food stores or chicken and fries
take-aways. One day, a friend suggested me to eat at M. Manze, a place for 
original pie and mash. I always passed by this place but never recognized it! It is delicious. And an interesting cultural experience. It feels like being in an 
english colony in multicultural Peckham. A sign in the shop says: Founded 1902. 
Opened here 1927. The home of pie and mash. It's so nice to have both: the 
choice to have food from all over the world and a place to feel traditional, 
nostalgic and very british (whereas the minced soya-pie is quite contemporary).

They also sell this amazing Peckham postcard. 

M. Manze The Home of Pie 'n' Mash
on the corner of Peckham High Street and Peckham Hill Street

Mon 11am–2pm

Tue-Thurs 10.30am–2pm
Fri 10am–2.30pm
Sat 10am–2.45pm.

letterpress 01 / 99

Finally, I started working in the letterpress workshop. It is AMAZING.
And addictive. Unfortunately, I have to wait till January to go on.
I started with setting the weather forecasts - just with the aim to get
into working there. James, who runs the studio asked me if this is an
on-going project and if I will make many of them. I did not think about
it before, but: YES, I will! (this one is set in Bembo, 60 point and Bembo
italic, 12 point. Unfortunately I just recognized that there was is a
wrong o in the case. >>Try to find it)

this print comes in an edition of 12.
and on light blue paper in an edition of 14.

Dec 12, 2012

the perfect light

Burgess Park, Saturday 8 Dec. 2012, 3 pm

Around 3 pm, before it gets dark, the London sky has the perfect light 
in the last weeks. Pastel colours in many shades. The sea feels very close. 
Or as Adam said: You are entering a Turner painting now. 

Dec 5, 2012

everyday life

Every morning when I go to College, I walk the same way from Peckham to Camberwell. 
I like these repetitions, it is like a meditation. The first part of the way is a 
small park. The second part is Peckham High Street. During this part I pass many interesting things. I always think: One day, I have to make pictures of all of 
this. On saturday I made some. It felt strange getting out of my daily routine which
is being a passenger outside the windows. But on the other hand I got a closer imagination of all these other daily routines which take part behind the windows. 

Dec 3, 2012

mono.klub #40 / Robert Montgomery

Last week, mono.kultur newsletter said:

Dear Friends, 
since Robert Montgomery came all the way from London to join us for the release
of our shared publication Echoes of Voices in the High Towers a few weeks ago, 
it seemed only fair to return the favour and make our way over to the grand isles
to present our book in person to our English friends. So if you happen to be 
in London next week, please join us for an evening of conversation with Robert Montgomery and publisher Kai von Rabenau, on the lovely premises of Ti Pi Tin bookstoreWe promise to be on our best behaviour and Robert might even be 
persuaded to sign copies in the most unexpected ways.

We look forward to seeing you there,

I said: YES. I am in London. And I went there and it was good to be there. 
It was a familiar talk between publisher and artist and many nice people around them. 
What I keep in mind: Robert Montgomery said, that poetry is the genre of literature
of our times. It is short. You can even read a few poems during sitting on the toilet
or standing in the bus. Sometimes people criticize him to be too romantic, his work 
to be close to kitsch. He says: I like romantic and I think that we desire it. This is
my language. And a woman in the audience said: Maybe people criticize it because they are afraid of it. Or because they desire it even more. Furthermore, he said that his work speaks the language of life in the big cities: this similar feeling that you 
can find in London, New York, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and so on. For me, this life is defined both in being very poetic and having a big lack of poetry as well. So, let's read poems. A good place to start, here in London, is the Poetry Library. A library at lovely Southbank Centre. For poetry only.