Mar 7, 2013

bye & bye (disappear #2)

Realizing that something is over, can take some time. I think, it is coming now. 
But: an ending always means many new beginnings. (To all those beginnings 
and endings of the past and the future and their glorious sister, the present.) 

Burill at Beach

In december, there was this nice exhibition of Anthony Burill at Beach London
So good that he will be in Offenbach for Afterschoolclub II (ASC) soon.


There are always these huge masses of digital pictures you have to get organized with.
I am still trying to organize the pictures I made in the last months. Doing this, 
I found some pictures I could have maybe put here before. Lets call them leftovers.

a sign from Camberwell College's computer room

 2 flying objects on Old Kent Road 

winter's leftover in Burgess Park in january

preparation for the first The-Pizza in january 

good book & nice sky in february

another 48 (read more) found at one and 
only Cedarville Gardens in december

in Camberwell 

pretty and pixelated patterns at Petticoat Lane Market

nice book (also good poems inside!) from the Poetry Library 

unique Gardners Paper Bag Store 
at 149 Commercial Street (read more here)

Breakfast at Café Roma in Peckham

Feb 26, 2013

posters (and the house)

There are still many things to "digest" about the London time. 
For example: The Poster Project. 

(By the way, the Avocado-Poster will be printed
 as a double sided and folded poster soon.)


I also tried to find a place for each poster in the flat. 

the headline poster comes to the bathroom

 the avocado poster to the living room

the political poster just outside the entrance door

the vegetables -of course- in the kitchen

the poem in the corridor (I like both possibilities)

and Virginia Woolf goes to Joes room

Feb 22, 2013

slippers (full of life)

This is really happening, I am doing it were my thoughts when I sat in the 
train to London on September, 16, 2012. Now I ask myself again: Is it really 
happening? Do I have to leave tomorrow? Yes, it is happening, I will leave
tomorrow, 23th of February 2013. And I am full of life. And so do my slippers.
(compare them to the new ones: here). 

I go. Goodbye London, goodbye Peckham.

Feb 21, 2013


Since some time, Rosalie, Jo and I share our flat with the three of us. 
This place feels home! And I feel myself very lucky that I got close 
to these two very inspiring women (more about Jo here). Rosalie is an artist 
who works on communicative interventions and does a lot more interesting, 
fresh stuff. Last week I visited her studio and took some pictures of her. 
And today we put our skills together to create some information material. 
I recommend a visit. Or a pizza. 

Peckham Rye Lane

Good bye Peckham Rye Lane. This street has an unique, lively and diverse vibe
and is full of great visuals (and a bit too much meat). I could just walk up and 
down and catch as many situations/views/moments as I can.