Dec 13, 2012

a british colony in peckham


In Peckham, you see mostly caribbean and african food stores or chicken and fries
take-aways. One day, a friend suggested me to eat at M. Manze, a place for 
original pie and mash. I always passed by this place but never recognized it! It is delicious. And an interesting cultural experience. It feels like being in an 
english colony in multicultural Peckham. A sign in the shop says: Founded 1902. 
Opened here 1927. The home of pie and mash. It's so nice to have both: the 
choice to have food from all over the world and a place to feel traditional, 
nostalgic and very british (whereas the minced soya-pie is quite contemporary).

They also sell this amazing Peckham postcard. 

M. Manze The Home of Pie 'n' Mash
on the corner of Peckham High Street and Peckham Hill Street

Mon 11am–2pm

Tue-Thurs 10.30am–2pm
Fri 10am–2.30pm
Sat 10am–2.45pm.