Mar 7, 2013


There are always these huge masses of digital pictures you have to get organized with.
I am still trying to organize the pictures I made in the last months. Doing this, 
I found some pictures I could have maybe put here before. Lets call them leftovers.

a sign from Camberwell College's computer room

 2 flying objects on Old Kent Road 

winter's leftover in Burgess Park in january

preparation for the first The-Pizza in january 

good book & nice sky in february

another 48 (read more) found at one and 
only Cedarville Gardens in december

in Camberwell 

pretty and pixelated patterns at Petticoat Lane Market

nice book (also good poems inside!) from the Poetry Library 

unique Gardners Paper Bag Store 
at 149 Commercial Street (read more here)

Breakfast at Café Roma in Peckham