Feb 4, 2013

design collective GRAPUS (1970–91)

For 20 years they provided inspiration to graphic design 
students all over the world, with their idealistic principles 
(of bringing culture to politics, and politics to culture), 
and their highly distinctive form of image-making: an 
accessible and unpredictable mixture of childlike scrawl, 
bright colors, sensual forms and high-spirited visual pranks. 

(McQuiston, Liz (1993) Graphic agitation : 
social and political graphics since the Sixties 
London: Phaidon. p.56)

The design collective Grapus was founded during
the student revolts in France in 1968. Members
were Pierre Bernard, Gerard Paris-Clavel, Francois
Miehe, Jean-Paul Bachollet and Alex Jordan.
In graphic design, on the one hand they saw a
means of bringing the protests and social ideas
forward and on the other hand they wanted to
re-invent the function of graphic design itself from
being a selling tool to a tool that communicates
visions of living together and social change.