Jan 15, 2013

8 days, 8 posters

Last friday, we started the 'A Poster a Day' project. This means, that there is an email with a new poster task every day. The email arrives around 8–10 am. We have 24 hours to fulfill it. Its nice to receive these emails with the mission of the day. Today, for example, it said: 

Poster 3: For public information.
Create a poster from a piece of advice that someone once gave you

(start by summarising the advice into one sentence or phrase). 
With the brief, we got some texts about posters.
I realize that what I love about the poster, and what defines poster-ness for me, is the way it is conceptually attached to a motivating force — a product, or some event that will happen or has happened on a particular date and at a particular place. Temporal and physical fixity are integral parts of the visual language of the poster, anchors that help prevent it from floating into the ether of art. Ultimately it's the tension between those anchors and the tug of the designer's artistic ambition that produces the powerful, beautiful poster.  
Design Observer / Alice Twemlow: When Did Posters Become Such Wallflowers?

Design Observer / Alexandra Lange: Stop That: Minimalist Posters

Susan Sontag: Posters: Advertisement, Art, Political Artifact, Commodity
Looking Closer 3, Michael Bierut, ed. (Allworth Press, New York, 1999), pp. 196-218