Sep 26, 2012

NO TIME WASTERS WANTED (searching a room)

Whereas time wasting time seems to be a serious business
in Berlin, you can't success with it here.
Beginning to search a room, I was shocked how many adds
tell you that. But: You need a lot of money here.
And time wasting in general is not a very profitable job.
Everything is under pressure: Its horribly expensive.
Many people are searching rooms. Everything goes very fast.
If you have any expectations for your new home,
forget about them. You will see a lot of shitty places.
But maybe, in the end, you will find something, that
comes a bit closer to what you expected.

I was really suffering in the beginning, but in the end
I found out, that searching rooms could maybe
become my new hobby. It is a good way to get to know
a place. You see different areas. You meet many
people. They show you their homes and you get an
imagination about the wide range of how people interpret
living together.

Practical advice
1. The most popular tool is gumtree, followed by spare room
and flatshare. You will spend hours with them.
2. If there is something interesting, call them immediately.
If there is an add in the morning, be sure the room is
gone in the evening. Understanding english at the phone is
an advanced exercise, but you will get better.
3. Ask them to message you the address, because that's the
most important information you have to get.
4. Most people want at least 6 month contracts. It is ok,
as long as you can get out of it, maybe with a 1-month
period of cancelation. 5. GO FOR GOLD