Sep 28, 2012

About museums. / Tate Modern. A first quick visit.

About museums here & there 
Did not expect, that free entrance changes the whole attitude of going to museums. 
It does. You don't have to see everything at one visit. You will come again. 
You can come as often as you want. You can come to see only one particular picture. 
Going to a museum feels more like taking a walk in the park. There are many 
people, but it is still relaxed. It seems like it is nothing special, it's just something you do in your free time, like everybody does. It is allowed to talk. 
You can meet people. It's wonderful. (By the way, also parks are different here 
because many of them close at night. But that's a another story.)

Always happy to meet Bruce Naumans work in exhibitions. 
(Strange: Somehow this woman really looks like me. )